Walden the Australian Labradoodle

Sawyer the Holland Lop rabbit

Crispin the Boer goat

Over the past five years, I have been commissioned to complete numerous pieces of art. 


I have worked on everything from designing farm logos, to illustrating and designing posters for educational programs, and custom pet portraits.


Being able to incorporate art and a life full of animals have been my main goals in life thus far. Although I love illustrating and painting numerous subjects, I particularly enjoy illustrating animals as it allows me the opportunity to bring my passions together.


Many of my personal studies are of my three pets, who are pictured above. I owned a Boer goat named Crispin who sadly passed away a few years ago, a five-year old Holland Lop rabbit named Sawyer and a eight-year old Australian Cobberdog named Walden. My three pets are constant inspirations for my illustrations. Crispin, who was more like a dog than a goat, was and still is the muse behind my yearly holiday cards. Like Walden, Crispin was trained to walk on a leash, and loved to go for car rides. He lived with a close friend on their beautiful farm in southern Massachusetts, and is greatly missed.

Along with painting custom pet portraits, Holly is a scientific illustrator. Her work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Journal of Andrology and the journal of Analgesia & Anesthesia. to learn more about Holly's work as a scientific illustrator, please visit Sullivan Scientific

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me. Pricing for the custom pet portraits is listed under the Sizes and Pricing tab. If you are interested in commissioning a piece other than a pet portrait, please contact me directly, pricing in cases like this  is determined by the materials used and the size of the piece. 

About the Artist 

The artist, pictured with her pet goat Crispin

To learn more about Holly's scientific illustration, please visit www.sulscientific.com

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