Testimonials for Holly Pie Studios

Kristen P. - Massachusetts 

"Holly is simply amazing! She recently painted a portrait of my two dogs, and she captured their personalities so perfectly. Her work is absolutely beautiful, and she was extremely professional and attentive to any questions or concerns throughout the entire process. An absolute pleasure to work with, and I could not be more pleased with the results!" 

Nikki G. - California 

"I have known Holly for many years and have worked with her to create an array of artwork. In college she designed beautiful drawings of goats for our Boer Goat Club along with many other clubs. My sweet dog Jessie passed away very unexpectedly and when I decided I wanted a portrait to remember her I immediately contacted Holly! Holly did an amazing job painting Jessie! She is an extremely talented artist, and I am honored to have one of her paintings. She kept me updated along the way and sent updates including sketches and time lapses throughout the painting process. Then end result was pure perfection and I am so in love with my painting!!" 

Allison T. - Massachusetts

"I recently commissioned Holly to paint my miniature for Dungeons and Dragons. She was an absolute joy to work with! She was very accommodating and worked her hardest to create the spitting image of my character with the added challenge of working on something so small. I couldn’t be happier with the end result!" 

Tyler R. - Pennsylvania 

"Absolutely worth commissioning. She was very accommodating of the details I requested, did an excellent job with the fine work and shading (I don't know how you paint eyes on a mini the size of a quarter, but Holly somehow did.), and completed it in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. She's very nice to talk to, too, and responds quickly to questions and comments. Thanks, Holly!"

Victoria M. - Massachusetts

"I had a triple pet portrait commissioned for my mother as a birthday/christmas gift. Holly was very responsive to my messages and attentive to my requests about the picture. She was infinitely accommodating, even when I had to change a picture from the original I had sent her. The portrait was done well in advance of the date I asked and the speed at which is was done was incredible. 

Her attention to detail is phenomenal and she painted such life into my beloved pets. You can really see the twinkle in their eyes and the playful expressions on their faces. 

I would recommend Holly Pie Studios to any of my friends and family that are looking to get a commissioned portrait of their pets done. The speed and detail is well worth the money."

Cheryl D. - Massachusetts 

"Such a talented artist! Beautiful pet portraits and paintings with such attention to detail! I highly recommend checking out her outstanding work! Holly was able to complete my piece quickly just in time for the holiday!" 

Sasha S. - Massachusetts

"Holly is an absolutely amazing artist! She did a painting of my Maltese that passed away and I was absolutely blown away. She has a unique ability to capture the the personality of your pet, and you can see it in their eyes. I definitely recommend having a painting done by her, you won't be disappointed."

Emily B. - Massachusetts

"As a Christmas gift to my parents I had my dear friend Holly paint a portrait of Mollie. To say she nailed Mollie’s personality is an understatement! If anyone wants a pet portrait done please contact her!" 

Egle T. - Illinois

"Holly is an amazing artist! I chose to do a two subject portrait as a surprise gift and it turned out beautifully—her attention to detail made the portrait so life-like! She sent me updates throughout the process and responded quickly when I asked her questions; I really appreciated her ability to work with me and include my feedback in the portrait. I would 100% recommend getting a pet portrait done with Holly!" 

Mackenzie R. - Massachusetts 

"Holly is a very talented artist! I asked Holly to paint a portrait of my dog who had just passed away, as a gift for my family. She sent updates along the way and it was amazing to see the progression of the painting. Our portrait looks exactly like Sophie- it captured her beautiful smile and it will forever be a cherished piece of art in our home. Thank you, Holly!" 

Nate L. – Connecticut

“I had a great experience with Holly from start to finish. She was always ready to answer any questions I had about the process involved. Everything was clear and concise which is incredibly appreciated because you always know what’s going on. The sentimental value of something like this is very important and you can be sure that Holly will not miss a single beloved detail of your furry little family member. It was a pleasure working with Holly and I can't wait to get more portraits done by her in the future. Highly recommended.”

Brittany V. – Massachusetts

"Holly has a natural gift! Her attention to detail is remarkable. I was nervous for my portrait of my Westie since it would be a white dog on white paper and wasn't sure how she would be able to draw that. I clearly had nothing to worry about! I couldn't be happier with my portrait of my 12 year old dog who means the world to me! The portrait captures every detail of my baby and isn't just a generic Westie drawing. Good work Holly!"


Kathleen F. – Massachusetts


“My family presented me with a painting of my Australian shepherd, Bijou this past summer. Holly painted this from one of my favorite photographs of Bijou. It was incredible how she was able to capture the “Bijou” look and personality. She was a very special dog and passed away this fall at age 16. I am so happy that I have this incredible likeness of her as a remembrance. Holly is a very talented artist and I would highly recommend her work.”


Danielle B. – Massachusetts


"I absolutely LOVE the portrait Holly did of my sisters puppy! The detail is exquisite and she was even able to capture that lively puppy glint in his eyes! You can always tell how much time and love has gone into each piece. Every pet is unique and every one of her portraits captures that! I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift!"


Bonnie C. – Massachusetts


“Holly is a truly gifted artist! She captured the personalities of my 2 dogs perfectly. Her work is incredibly detailed and I couldn't be more thrilled with the portraits she did for us!”


Daniela O. – Connecticut


“Holly is an amazing painter! You can tell from her work that she puts a lot of time and effort into making sure that she captures her subjects. Recently, Holly finished painting portraits of my two cats: Max and Peanut. The paintings came out so stunningly beautiful! Both of my cats have completely different attitudes. One is very regal and portrays an attitude of a prince while the other is very silly and goofy. Just by looking at their portraits you can tell which attitude goes with which! Holly is very talented and if a portrait is needed she is the one to call!”



Meagan B. – Massachusetts

"Holly Sullivan of Holly Pie Studios has always impressed me as an artist when I saw her custom work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for the many animal management classes that are taught there. I was first introduced to her work when I saw the T-shirt designs for Goat Management and could not believe how realistic and detailed her drawings were and how well they translated to the T-shirts. The more designs I saw from her, the more impressed I became. Everything from goats and cows, to chickens and horses. 

I was very happily surprised to receive a custom portrait of my own goat. When she told me it was all drawn with pen and ink, I was baffled. It looked as if someone had taken a picture of her, and I knew no other person could capture how beautiful my goat is like Holly was able to. 

After I saw that custom drawing I knew that I needed one of my dog, Oreo. She then informed me that she could do even more than pen and ink, and that it would come out better as a water color. When I heard water color I thought it would be like what I painted with as a child, but when Holly did it, it was so much more. I never thought watercolors could capture how happy and full of life my dog is, but Holly was able to do just that. I am beyond pleased with her work, and when I saw the picture I thought it was going to be expensive with how realistic and detailed it was, but her prices are extraordinarily reasonable and she always gets her work done by the deadline, if not before. I would never go to anyone else for any custom painting or portrait now that I know how good Holly’s work is, and at a great price and a great time frame. Thank you Holly, for bringing my two favorite animals to life in a way no one else could."

Heather S. - Massachusetts  

"Thank you so very much for the Portrait of Gucci, you did a wonderful job, it made me cry."

Miranda S. – New York

"If I had to use three words to describe my experience with Holly Pie Studios, those three words would be: professional, simple, and inexpensive. I contacted Ms. Sullivan to do a Custom Pet Portrait of my sister's cat Gabe for her 17th birthday. I contacted her around the end of December (my sister's birthday is January 14th) and received the painting on my sister's birthday, so she was very good about getting it to me on time. I sent Ms. Sullivan a number of photos of Gabe but asked her to specifically paint one, which she agreed to.  She then sent me a very well written Invoice Estimate that broke down the pricing very well. Since there is no "cap" on timing when it comes to the portrait, I asked her to estimate the maximum amount of time it would take her and she graciously came up with a reasonable range of time in which it would take to paint the portrait. The pricing of a custom watercolor portrait is normally quite expensive, but with Holly Pie Studios, the pricing of everything was beyond reasonable. Ms. Sullivan was very open to communication and was readily available for me to ask questions.  When my sister opened up her present, she began crying immediately and the few words I could understand were, "I love it! I love it! The details are incredible!" The painting was absolutely beyond magnificent; it was astounding how well Ms. Sullivan was able to capture the details of Gabe's face in such a beautiful way. The painting is hanging in my sister's room and sometimes when I see it I have to do a double-take to make sure Gabe isn't somehow that high on the wall.  Overall, I would recommend Holly Pie Studios to anyone who wants a Custom Pet Portrait done, or even if you just want a painting in general to fill up space on your wall, use Holly Pie Studios because you will get a painting that you will enjoy looking at every day and which you will treasure forever."

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